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dog walk adventure

Our Services

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Finding what's right for you & your pup

Dog walking and pet sitting is our business, we offer professional care for pets while you’re away. Dog Camp can be a great solution for pet owners who want their furry friends to be well cared for in their absence.

Select a service to learn more:

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Adventure Dog Walks & Dog Hikes

Our dog walks are special adventures perfect for all dogs and activity levels. Dog hikes include transportation to/from local trails for those who need a little more activity.

Buddy Dog walking
Dog walking on a Hike Adventure

What's involved in Dog walks?

  • Experienced top-tier dog walkers

  • Positive leash manner reinforcement

  • Prioritize playtime and mental stimulation 

  • Refreshing water after a good walk 

  • GPS tracking, detailed visit report cards with pictures and videos

  • Thorough pet safety check for your peace of mind

Options include

  • Buddy or Solo Walks

  • Pet sitting and Overnight Stay (24 hour care; multiple days)

  • Dog Hikes or other High Intensity walks

  • Feeding and medication administration

How much is it?


30 Min.

45 Min.

60 Min.

75 Min. Hike




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Dog walks
Pet Sitting
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Pet Sitting

For cats who purr and dogs who bark, our care will leave a lasting mark.
We welcome other animals as well.

What's involved with Pet Sitting?

  • Experienced top-tier Pet Sitters

  • Feeding and refreshing water 

  • Focused Play time and Mental Stimulation

  • Administer Medication

  • Visit report card with pictures and video

  • Thorough pet safety check for your peace of mind

Other services..

  • Overnight Stay

  • Long Term Care & Elderly care

How much is it?

Pet Sitting starting at


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in-home pet sitting
Cat sitting & other small animal sitting
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Other Services

Pet care is our passion and we have other services that help you save time with chores and have more time for your pet. 

Dog Walk adventures
dog hiking on local trails

Pet Waste Management:

  • Weekly/Monthly regular cleaning

  • Community common areas for apartments, HOA, Pet Waste Station maintenance and installations.

  • Our deodorizing techniques help control odor and minimize neighbor complaints. 

Pet Transportation

  • Grooming Appointments

  • Vet Visits

House Sitting

  • Bring in mail

  • Water Plants

Wedding Packages

  • Tailored to have happy well behaved fur babie(s) in your most memorable moments

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Did you know?

Every dog's idea of fun is different - we're champs at meeting them at their level!

Regular exercise reduces stress and boredom that can lead to destructive behavior.

Daily dog walks help to maintain a dog's fitness, it also helps to provide mental stimulation.

Dogs love to check out the sights and smells and a dog walk can make them very happy!

Additional Fees

Weekend, Late evening, and Major Holiday's fee : $10

Last minute request (within 24 hours) $10

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The Steps

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Complete the intake form

Submit your contact information on our CONTACT page to schedule your Meet + Greet Party 

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Schedule the Meet & Greet

Our Meet + Greet parties will be a blast with plenty of time to answer any questions

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The Adventure begins

Then the Grand Ole' Fun begins! Get updates at the end of each Adventure with pictures and a comprehensive report card 

Have used Dog Camp a few times over the past few years for dog walks and it is always a great experience. The walkers are always lovely and you can tell they are dog people who enjoy what they're doing and care for your dog like their own! Most recently, Jeri was walking our pup Tofino and took the best care of him, making sure he was staying cool and hydrated on super hot days. 

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