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Professional Pet Sitters and Walkers vs. Rover and Wag Apps

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Pet care apps like Wag and Rover are everywhere on social media. When selecting a pet sitter, it can seem like a convenient option. Though the convenience of booking a walk through an app is easy enough, dog walking and pet sitting should not be something on demand.

Pet walking and sitting should be based on a nurtured, professional relationship with a trustworthy and qualified person. Having a stranger show up to your house to take care of your pet without having met you before can be an unsettling prospect. As a client, opening yourself up to an unqualified walker could bring about many issues, especially if you have a rescue pet or a pet with special needs. Anyone can sign up to care for pets on an app, and they do not need any pet experience to do so.

Selecting a pet sitting service with a roster of qualified, independent pet sitters and walkers who meet you and your pets with a thorough interview in advance is imperative. This ensures that you will have an experienced and familiar person working with your beloved pet.

Dog Camp LA’s network of independent walkers and pet sitters are highly qualified pet professionals. Our roster of pet pros have the experience to handle any situation that may arise with your pet, especially the challenges that come along with a rescue or a pet with special needs. We are extremely communicative with our clients, and take pride in the care of your pet.

Dog Camp has been a fixture in Silverlake and the surrounding area since 2000, and will continue to provide the high quality care and service our community has come to expect.

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